AC3 is appointed an advanced ICT Supplier to NSW Government

Posted: 1 July 2015
Photo of NSW Parliament House

ac3 today announced that they have been appointed as an advanced ICT Supplier to NSW Government under the ICT Services Scheme SCM0020.

The ICT Scheme is a panel of prequalified suppliers who can provide a range of ICT solutions to NSW Government agencies and other authorised buyers. It was developed by the Office of Finance and Services (formerly the Department of Finance and Services), in consultation with industry and is an important element in the NSW Government ICT Strategy 2012 (ICT Strategy).

“We are proud to have become an advanced ICT Supplier under the ICT Services Scheme, said Ms Monique McIntosh, CEO, ac3. 
“At ac3 we have considerable experience working with government departments and agencies and we have a number of large government customers,” she added.

The ICT Scheme provides a comprehensive approach to identifying, sourcing and procuring ICT goods and services and is designed to ensure that government agencies utilise the best new, innovative and effective technologies. 

“The scheme provides a number of important benefits for government buyers including easy access to new suppliers and emerging technologies, explained Ms McIntosh, CEO, ac3. 

“The services are organised into simplified categories that align with the NSW ICT Strategy and some Risk Assessment guidelines are included to help agencies select the suppliers best suited for their specific needs,” added Ms McIntosh. 

The ICT Services scheme also provides the ability to efficiently assess price and non-price factors and request competitive quotes using the online eQuote tool.