‘Check in for Charity’ at the GovDC Marketplace event

Posted: 14 September 2016

Sydney, 14 September 2016 - A note from Simon Xistouris, CEO, AC3.


AC3 is a major sponsor of the GovDC Marketplace event on Thursday 15 September, 2016. 

For us it’s a great opportunity to speak with Government agencies about the successes they have had and the challenges they are facing with the move to GovDC.

Now my marketing team get a little carried away with the giveaways at these type of events.  I have heard all types of proposals – from augmented reality booths, drones as prizes, holiday giveaways and (the people’s choice!) branded usb’s.  I have also attended many events over the years, and most of the ‘giveaways’ I receive end up with the kids or in the bin.

So AC3 are doing things differently. We will make a donation to charity instead of elaborate giveaways.

For each person that ‘checks in’ on our stand at the GovDC Marketplace event, AC3 will increase our donation to The Ronald McDonald House in Westmead.

The event has now sold out and I am hoping that everyone who attends will take 2 minutes to ‘Check in for Charity’ on the AC3 stand.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, together we can #makeadifference.

Best Regards,

Simon Xistouris


How to ‘Check in for Charity’

  1. Visit the AC3 stand at the GovDC event. Stand P3 in the main exhibition hall.
  2. ‘Check in’ by answering 4 quick questions
  3. Write your name on the card and stick card on the board

Don’t worry, if you ‘Check in for Charity’ you won’t be added to any marketing lists.  Keep track of our crowd powered giving here.