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Data Eco-System Modernisation

Bring your legacy applications into the future to maximise productivity and experience.
Is your data ecosystem ready for the future? Legacy data ecosystems are often outdated, complex, and are unable to support the evolving needs of your business.

If your data ecosystem still relies on legacy services, you may be facing increased operational costs, the risk of unsupported technologies, the accumulation of technical debt and may have unutilised data assets within your organisation. Modernising your data ecosystem will enhance operational efficiency and accelerate your journey towards a data-driven future.

Our Approach to Data Ecosystem Modernisation

AC3 conduct a comprehensive technical and business assessment to identify your existing pain points, your integration challenges, and the key success factors for your data ecosystem.
AC3 design a tailored modernisation roadmap; leveraging cloud, analytics, and automation technologies to address your specific pain points and unlock new opportunities.
AC3 migrate, integrate, and optimise your data platforms and processes to create a secure, accessible, and scalable data ecosystem that drives business agility.

How We Can Help Modernise Your Data Ecosystem

Data Ecosystem Transformation
AC3 specialise in transforming outdated data ecosystems to keep them relevant and aligned with modern technologies. Let us help you enhance your "legacy data ecosystem" to maintain your competitive edge, foster innovation, and adapt quickly as your data requirements evolve.
Data Migration
Migrate your data ecosystem to the cloud to leverage cost efficiencies, scalability, and the agility to adapt to changing demands. Our team of experts can facilitate a seamless transition from any data environment to the cloud.
Data Governance
AC3 will guide you through the implementation of robust data governance policies and practices to ensure data quality, security, and compliance.

Key Features

Data-driven outcomes
We focus on driving tangible business value through improved data access, insights, and decision-making.
Modern data architecture
Leverage cloud-native technologies and best practices to ensure scalability, flexibility, and security.
Agile Mindset
Embrace a modern, agile approach to working, aligning your priorities with customer feedback to boost productivity.
Transformation made real
We deliver real, tangible changes to your data ecosystem that impact your business positively.
Automated data pipelines
Simplify data management and eliminate your manual processes for improved efficiency and agility.
Democratised data access
Empower your users across the organisation with secure and self-service access to relevant data.
Actionable Insights
Gain deeper insights into your customers' preferences and needs, and efficiently organise and analyse your data assets.
Speed up Changes
Shorten the time it takes to introduce new data products and features, improving your customer experience.
Continual improvement
Embrace an iterative approach to continuously optimise your data ecosystem based on evolving needs and data insights.
AI Ready Data
Ensure your data is clean, consistent, and accessible, ready to fuel your AI and machine learning initiatives.

Who can benefit?

Organisations struggling with a disconnected data ecosystem that demands significant effort for maintenance, operation, and monitoring.
Organisations relying on off-the-shelf software platforms approaching end-of-life or facing a lack of support.
Organisations seeking to unlock the full potential of their data to drive innovation, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive edge.

Why choose AC3?

1. Track record
Our proven Agile delivery framework and governance model help you move quickly and securely.
2. We deliver cutting edge
We were the first company to build a serverless event-driven data lake solution in the NSW state government.
3. Trusted partner
We’re the consultants other consultants come to for advice. That's right, we work with other big names in the industry!

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