Gov DC

Move into the GovDC with AC3

AC3 is an anchor tenant in the GovDC. We have been involved with NSW government computing since 1998 and our experience gives us a great understanding of the GovDC environment and what it can offer your government agency.

AC3 has set up many services in GovDC including compute, storage, networking and data management. Our capabilities have grown with the facilities and we now also provide additional services including engineering, project management and systems integration.

AC3 totally understands the challenges of moving into the GovDC.  AC3 worked with the NSW Department of Justice to move to an ‘everything-as-a-service’ model as part of their migration to the new GovDC.

Since those early days, we have worked with many other government agencies who have taken advantage of AC3’s experience to utilise the GovDC’s world class facilities where all security, data sovereignty and technical standards are managed for you.

Deadline: August 2017

As you know, by August 2017, all NSW Government agencies are required to move or migrate their ICT into a GovDC facility. AC3 can help you understand the economies of scale and significant energy cost savings available and plan a successful migration.