NSW Department of Justice moves to ‘everything-as-a-service’ model.

Posted: 11 March 2015
Department of Justice

AC3 today announced that the contract has been signed with the Department of Justice [DJ] to move to a complete ‘X-as-a-service’ model as part of its migration to the GovDC.

The Department of Justice has worked with AC3 since 2007 and will continue its commercial partnership with the company into the next phase of DJ’s ICT transformation.

The NSW Department of Justice delivers legal, court and supervision services through a network of agencies including Corrective Services, Juvenile Justice, Courts and Tribunal Services and Trustee and Guardian.

“The AC3 team has been managing our migration into the new GovDC environment and moving to the ‘X-as-a-service’ model is the next stage in our plan to move away from having any on premise infrastructure,” said Aaron Liu, NSW Department of Justice Chief Information Officer.

The ‘X-as-a-service’ model aligns the NSW Government ICT Strategy and enables the Department to reduce cost, improve reliability and performance of its systems, driving service delivery up and capital costs down.

More and more government and commercial customers are demanding greater value for money and looking at the best way to take advantage of cloud-based models.

“We are very pleased to be working with DJ on this exciting project and we hope that many other government agencies will be able to benefit from the work DJ are doing and for the experience we are all gaining”, commented Simon Xistouris, CEO, AC3.

Once the new services are in place the DJ will be looking for opportunities to share services, development and operational costs across different departments or even across governments.

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