Transformation, innovation and positive disruption – all in a day’s work at AC3

Posted: 9 December 2015
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Sydney. 9th December 2015. It’s been a big year at AC3 with technological innovation, organisational transformation and the development of a new brand identity.

“At AC3 this year we have made big decisions that included some positive disruption, lots of innovation and more importantly, business transformation, said Simon Xistouris, CEO, AC3.

“We have moved into great new offices in ATP [Australian Technology Park] and brought our two businesses, Klikon Solutions and AC3, together to make one organisation called AC3.

“We also created a new brand identity designed to show that we have kept the ‘best of both’ organisations and to explain how we continue to build on our strengths,” added Xistouris.

2015 has also been a year of transformation for many AC3 customers, who have migrated their data and systems into the world class facilities now available at GovDC and other local data centres. The upside of these major projects is that they make it possible for organisations to re-invent their IT services and use current technologies to move from a co-location, physical IT infrastructure to a fully virtualised and ‘X as a service’ business model.

Cloud-based ‘X as a service’ technology is one of AC3’s key strengths. This year, in response to customer feedback, AC3 created a new Services Catalogue to help customers quickly identify the products and services they need.

Some new customers have also come on board this year including APRA, Barangaroo Development Authority and Fuji Xerox.

“As the PM says it’s all about ideas and we agree, the AC3 team loves technology and we get a big kick out of helping our customers cut through the complexity of IT so they can focus on what matters most to them – their business,” commented Xistouris.

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