AC3 ready to deliver 'Cloud-as-a-service' to Local Government

Posted: 10 May 2016

Sydney, 10th May 2016 - AC3 has been named an Approved Contractor on the Local Government Procurement panel - LGP115 IT&C Products, Services and Consulting.

Local Government Procurement (LGP) establishes compliant contracts and approved contractor panels on behalf of Local Government NSW (LGNSW).  AC3’s inclusion on this panel follows a comprehensive and compliant evaluation and acceptance process.

“More of our government clients are requesting ‘X-as-a-service’, especially since the launch of GovDC in 2013. AC3’s inclusion on the LGP Approved Contractors list makes it easier for Local Government teams to tap into our experience and resources and make a smooth transition from traditional on premise solutions to ‘X-as-a-service’, ” said Simon Xistouris, CEO of AC3.

Together with ‘Cloud-as-a-service’ offerings, AC3 is an approved contractor for all other services within the LGP115 category including ICT Support, Managed Services and Integration Services to name a few.  Find out about the full range of services that AC3 delivers or more on the LGP panels.

Need advice on moving to ‘X-as-a-service’?  Talk to us and find out how we have helped government and commercial clients make the transition.