A Technical Account Manager (TAM) plays a crucial role in ensuring customer success by acting as a liaison between the technical support team and the client.

Their primary responsibilities include providing a holistic view of the customer’s environment, offering technical advice and recommendations, and ensuring the optimal functioning of the client’s technology infrastructure. TAMs collaborate with internal teams to address technical challenges, optimise costs, and provide strategic guidance on technology.

At AC3, our TAMs work closely with clients to understand their technical requirements, align them with the organisation’s products or services, and actively engage in resolving complex technical issues. Maintaining strong client relationships, effective communication, and the ability to handle multiple client requests are key aspects of a TAM’s role.

We interview two of AC3’s TAMs, Tim Corcoran and Giuseppe Accardo about their life as a TAM at AC3.

They provide an insight into the pivotal contributions they make to ensure customer success by addressing service gaps, mediating in challenging situations, and presenting innovative solutions to enhance the client’s technical landscape.

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