AC3 partners with VMware by Broadcom to provide MSP whitelabel program

As covered in VMware is now part of Broadcom. What next?, Broadcom have made changes to VMware’s reseller and partner programs with all VMware customers, partners, and service providers impacted to some degree.

What changes have been made to the Service Provider Program?

VMware have overhauled the Service Provider program, and AC3 have been invited to establish one such White Label practice to supply Australian and New Zealand MSPs with VMware licences.

What does that mean for customers and end-users of VMware by Broadcom’s services?

There are no significant changes for end users, however it is important that supplier MSPs to be part of the Broadcom CSP program, either directly, or via a whitelabel relationship – to maintain product, price and feature parity within their cloud environments.

What does that mean for MSPs not invited to the program?

MSPs, particularly smaller ones, are invited to leverage AC3’s VMware by Broadcom partnership, effectively engaging AC3’s platform as a utilisation aggregator.

AC3 can provide VMware licensing, support, and metering directly within a MSP’s data centre and on their existing hardware.

This allows companies to maintain the benefits of their VMware licenses, but without having to commit to the high volume expected of the new partner program.

Who should consider taking advantage of the whitelabel program?

Smaller MSPs, and niche providers with specific industry verticals such as finance or telecommunications, or those with specific product offerings, who don’t meet the requirements or volume to be part of the partner program, should consider leveraging AC3’s program.

Why partner with AC3?

The team at AC3 will treat you as a partner, not just another vendor or supplier.

We believe that the size or focus of your company and offering should not exclude you from accessing VMware’s services.

As we experience this change, we offer the ability to leverage this opportunity together, with a unified and equity-based approach.

We are happy to help with the transition and to help our peers access the program, while leveraging our expertise and over 20 years of experience deploying VMware environments.

What now? What do other MSPs need to do

Please reach out directly to your regular Account Manager, or contact AC3's Head of Hybrid Cloud, James Mollison directly here.