WORK180 endorsement indicates commitment to a diverse and equitable workplace.

WORK180 have announced AC3 have joined their network as an Endorsed Employer. Official endorsement recognises AC3 are committed to ensuring all their employees can thrive based on key international standards.

WORK180’s vision is to “create a working world in which there is fair and equal representation, opportunities, and pay for all women”. They highlight the impact to women of all backgrounds and experiences, including women of color, women living with disabilities, trans-women and LGBTQ+ women.

Diverse, inclusive and equitable (DE&I) workplaces lead to increased productivity, and creativity, along with innovative solutions and problem-solving approaches, but that’s not the only reason that AC3 has committed themselves to this:

“Building the right work environment and culture is really important [at AC3], and part of that is ensuring diversity and equity exists”, says Simon Xistouris, CEO at AC3. “Being endorsed is important to us because it’s proof that we’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk and are committed to progress”.

WORK180 sets, reviews, and drives global standards that deliver great workplaces for all women.

“The P&C and senior leadership team didn’t want to just rest on what we thought was the right thing”, says Parul Shah-Batra, Head of People & Culture at AC3. “We wanted to measure and track it based on global standards. WORK180 does this. It helps us be unbiased in our processes and what we offer employees.”

To become endorsed and part of the network, AC3 was measured on ten key standards that drive equity in the workplace:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Shared caring responsibility
  • Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture
  • Career development
  • Representative leadership
  • Pay equity
  • Inclusive hiring practices
  • Employee support & safety services
  • Employee voice & Employee resource groups
  • Strategic commitments

These measures are designed with an intersectional lens by DE&I experts, and are informed by their global community of women, employers across multiple industries, along with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To see AC3’s profile on the WORK180 portal as well as available jobs, click here.